Computech’s Expanding Team

Due to the continual growth of Computech, we are always on the look out for skilled FileMaker and Web developers.  We have been extremely fortunate to find two new gents over the last few months who have brought a wealth of experience already.  We would like to welcome our very own Italian Developers Stefano Amedeo and Christian Pasti.  It is wonderful having an abundance of different cultures working in the same office and we will soon be revealing a couple more…


Synergize Update Released


Computech is proud to announce that the latest version of Synergize is now available for download from the Synergize website.This version has an expansive list of inbuilt Synergize functions (more details coming in the next few days) along with another free Synergize App: Synergize Calender.

Synergize update announced at FileMaker Community Event


At the FileMaker Community Event hosted on the 29th January 2015, Computech unveiled a massive update to their Synergize product.  This update will include exciting new Synergize Apps and many more powerful features. Visit the Synergize website on the 4th February 2015 for all the latest news on this announcement.

Help with installing and updating Plug-ins in FileMaker

Do you struggle with knowing how to install or when to install the latest Plug-in?  Well you are not alone.  We have found a useful article that outlines the best practices for deploying and updating plug-ins in your FileMaker Pro solutions.

Plug-ins are essential when you are enhancing the capabilities and features of your FileMaker solution, so it is important you get it right.  To read the article on installing and updating Plug-ins please see more

If you want the ability to use full Web technologies within your FileMaker solution, then a plug-in I would really recommend is Synergize.  This is not just for experts.  Even a complete novice can use several of Synergizes free apps such as a ‘Portal Builder’ App to build portals which require no relationships.

Synergize allows FileMaker developers to create their own FilesMaker 13 solutions faster and easier than ever before.  Using a few easy steps, you will be able to create flexible, dynamic User Interfaces (UI) in your solution, in no time at all.  To find out more visit

To read the article on installing and updating Plug-ins please see more

Computech Releases New FileMaker Plugin Synergize

Computech are please to announce the release of their new FileMaker Plugin Synergize.    Synergize allows FileMaker developers to create their own FilesMaker 13 solutions faster and easier than ever before.  Using a few easy steps, you will be able to create flexible, dynamic User Interfaces (UI) in your solution, in no time at all.

More interestingly, it is not just for FileMaker experts, a complete novice can build “FileMaker like” portal views enhanced by Web technologies which require NO RELATIONSHIPS.

With the 64 Bit Server Plugin, you do not even need to setup a web server. It takes the place of the FileMaker Web API and has been shown to be 2.5 times faster returning data.

So what are you waiting for, if you are keen to develop in FileMaker, download a free Synergize trial here 



FileMaker 13 & OS X Yosemite compatibility

For an update on the latest OS X Yosemite upgrade, please read this article to find out about compatibility with FM13.


Why Do CRM’s Appear So Complicated?

You do not have to be an IT Guru..

Many employees are reluctant to use their companies CRM system and complain that ‘this goes wrong…This takes too much time…’ But I would acknowledge the truth to be that employees are not told how important a CRM is to a company or trained on how to use it properly. It is not complicated you just do not understand why or how to use it.

If you do not understand the importance, you will not understand why you need to follow the correct processes. Information that is put into a CRM system has so much value and should save so many laborious hours when wanting to find out any financial or customer history.

If you are not shown any of these type of progress reports how would you know! If employees were sat down and thoroughly explained why they need to enter certain data, for example what reports can be pulled if data was correctly entered, what you can predict if this section is complete and so and so forth, staff would realize why taking the time to complete certain fields was important. The information you get out is only as good as the information you put in.

Do your staff have call logs to follow up, do they think they are following up customers just to make the time pass so that you get your monies worth out of them as opposed to them just sitting there when the phones are not ringing. Or do they know that by keeping regular contact with your customers and collecting feedback on your service is one of the main reasons they have a job. If this is not done efficiently your customer care will be poor, thus customers may no longer buy from you, resulting in demand for staff decreasing…Hello unemployment! Wow the system all of a sudden looks great and serves a worthy cause!

Then there’s training… If you did not know how to drive a car, would you want to get in it? The same with CRM systems. A quick whiz through quotes and sales orders will give about as much confidence as asking a learner driver to reverse down a country lane! Explain the whole customer journey, role play every eventuality and try not to overload.

Money is time so it’s understandable why you would not want to dedicate many hours, but believe me, your investment will not be utilized to its full potential and only you will be losing out. Try and record any onscreen training so that your employees can refer back and just break it down into modules so they learn a couple of modules at a time. It’s not rocket science but some people take longer than others to absorb what is in front of them. If people do not know how to use it, then give them more time.


Efficient Email Clients Will Increase Productivity

Are you Email Searching or Email Handling?

Communication between employees and clients or suppliers is absolutely critical.  Written confirmation of correspondence completely reinforces your rights as a company.  We can all say we have been in a ‘he said, she said’ situation, which is unpleasant for both parties.  But how do we avoid losing sight of this communication?  It is a time consuming process looking back through hundreds of emails, trying to find the one that states you are in the right and especially if it was sent from a colleague, as you can’t access their emails.

Managers will always say make sure you log everything, make notes etc etc and although you feel like there is not enough hours in the day to maintain customer communication, it can create huge repercussions if you don’t.  Full traceability of your actions is pertinent to excellent customer service.
So what is the answer, how do you make your own life easier?  An email client I say!  An email client eradicates the laborious effort of searching back through all over your sent and inbox emails and gives you an instant feed of all correspondence from not just your emails to and from a customer but that of your colleagues too.

To give you a an example, with BusinessMan CRM, all of your emails are pulled into the system from whatever email client you are using and it doesn’t matter how many addresses you have.  You check your inbox when you come in, as sip your morning coffee and select the ‘post’ button to push the ones you want to display next to your customer.  Assuming all of your colleagues are

doing this too, hey presto, all of the email communication associated with a client or supplier is logged in their account, as the system transfers it as soon as you post.  Any communication that has been sent to the client doesn’t need to be posted as it has been sent directly from the customer account anyway.

It’s not rocket science but so many companies do not have this and I am a firm believer in working Smarter not harder!  Troll through hundreds of emails or have it there under the customer record waiting for you in that time of need.

If you want to see a better example please see our videos or download from:

ISO 9001 Certification

We are very pleased to announce that Computech IT Services have now been accredited with ISO 9001.

FileMaker Excellence Award winner

FileMaker Public Relations awarded the coveted Mad Dog PR Award to Computech IT Services at DevCon. The winners were acknowledged for their contributions in helping to advance awareness of the FileMaker Platform in the media and within social media outlets.