Efficient Email Clients Will Increase Productivity

Are you Email Searching or Email Handling?

Communication between employees and clients or suppliers is absolutely critical.  Written confirmation of correspondence completely reinforces your rights as a company.  We can all say we have been in a ‘he said, she said’ situation, which is unpleasant for both parties.  But how do we avoid losing sight of this communication?  It is a time consuming process looking back through hundreds of emails, trying to find the one that states you are in the right and especially if it was sent from a colleague, as you can’t access their emails.

Managers will always say make sure you log everything, make notes etc etc and although you feel like there is not enough hours in the day to maintain customer communication, it can create huge repercussions if you don’t.  Full traceability of your actions is pertinent to excellent customer service.
So what is the answer, how do you make your own life easier?  An email client I say!  An email client eradicates the laborious effort of searching back through all over your sent and inbox emails and gives you an instant feed of all correspondence from not just your emails to and from a customer but that of your colleagues too.

To give you a an example, with BusinessMan CRM, all of your emails are pulled into the system from whatever email client you are using and it doesn’t matter how many addresses you have.  You check your inbox when you come in, as sip your morning coffee and select the ‘post’ button to push the ones you want to display next to your customer.  Assuming all of your colleagues are

doing this too, hey presto, all of the email communication associated with a client or supplier is logged in their account, as the system transfers it as soon as you post.  Any communication that has been sent to the client doesn’t need to be posted as it has been sent directly from the customer account anyway.

It’s not rocket science but so many companies do not have this and I am a firm believer in working Smarter not harder!  Troll through hundreds of emails or have it there under the customer record waiting for you in that time of need.

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